ⓘ Jack Davis

Jack Davis

ⓘ Jack Davis

John Burton Jack Davis, Jr. was an American cartoonist and illustrator. He was born in Atlanta, Georgia. He was known for his advertising art, magazine covers, movie posters, record album art and numerous comic book stories. He was one of the founding cartoonists for Mad in 1952. His cartoon characters are characterized by extremely distorted anatomy, including big heads, skinny legs and extremely large feet.

Davis contributed to other Kurtzman magazines - Trump, Humbug and Help! - eventually expanding into illustrations for record jackets, movie posters, books and magazines, including Time and TV Guide. He completed an 88-card set of humorous cartoons called Wacky Plaks, which Topps Chewing Gum Co. released in 1959.

After graduation, he was a cartoonist intern at The Atlanta Journal, and he worked one summer inking Ed Dodds Mark Trail comic strip, a strip which he later parodied in Mad as Mark Trade.

Davis died in St. Simons Island, Georgia on July 27, 2016 from complications of the stroke, aged 91.