ⓘ Bob Cerv

Bob Cerv

ⓘ Bob Cerv

Robert Henry Cerv was a former American baseball player. Before his professional career, he was a collegiate baseball and basketball player at the University of Nebraska. He was born in Weston, Nebraska.

Cerv signed with the New York Yankees in 1950 and was a little-used reserve outfielder on the Yankee teams of the early 1950s. Cerv played for the Yankees from 1951 through 1956, again in 1960, and lastly from 1961 through 1962. He also played for the Kansas City Athletics 1957-1960, Los Angeles Angels 1961, and the Houston Colt.45s 1962.

Cerv died on April 6, 2017 in Blair, Nebraska from a stroke, aged 91.