ⓘ Lawton Chiles

Lawton Chiles

ⓘ Lawton Chiles

Lawton Mainor Chiles, Jr. was an American politician. He was the 41st Governor of Florida from January 8, 1991 until his death in December 12, 1998.

Before he was governor, Chiles was also a United States Senator from Florida serving from January 3, 1979 to January 1989.

Chiles once walked on a 1.003 miles from Key West to Pensacola, so that he can win for election for the United States senate. This earned him the nickname "Walkin Lawton".

Chiles died on December 12, 1998 in Tallahassee, Florida from a heart attack, aged 68. He was survived by his three children and his wife Rhea.


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