ⓘ John Chafee

John Chafee

ⓘ John Chafee

John Lester Hubbard Chafee was an American politician. He was an officer in the United States Marine Corps. He was the 66th Governor of Rhode Island. He was the Secretary of the Navy. He was a United States Senator.

Chafee was born on October 22, 1922 in Providence, Rhode Island. He studied at Yale University and at Harvard Law School. Chafee was married to Virginia Coates until his death in 1999. They had six children; one daughter was killed in an racing accident.

Chafee died suddenly on October 24, 1999 from congestive heart failure in his home in Washington, D.C., aged 77. He is buried at Chafee Family Cemetery in Warwick, Rhode Island.

Chafees son, Lincoln, is a former governor and former senator of Rhode Island.